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Disclaimer: This story contains vore and digestion. If you do not know what Vore is I highly recommend you look it up before reading as it may offend you. There will also be sexual references and other mature content so if any of this is not you're cup o' tea please stop reading. None of the characters belong to me.

It was the day before Halloween in Konoha and Sakura was out looking for a skimpy outfit to get Naruto's  attention at his Halloween party. She walked into a costume shop and began her search. After about ten minutes she had come down to two costumes she liked equally and could not decide which one to go with. Just then Hinata Hyuga walked in the costume shop. "Hey Hinata-chan!" Sakura called out. "H-Hello Sakura-san" Hinata meekly replied. "Hey Hinata. I am having a tough time deciding which of these two costumes I should buy for the Halloween party tomorrow night, could you help me out?" Sakura then showed the two costumes she had picked out, one was a slutty nurses outfit, and the other was a sexy she-devil outfit. "W-well... since you're a medical ninja, the nurse costume would make sense." Hinata answered. "although the devil outfit would make sense as well...." She thought to herself. "Thanks Hinata! I am sure Naruto will love it!" She happily exclaimed. "S-sakura-san.. I thought you liked Sasuke-kun?" Hinata inquired. "Well I did, but now that Naruto defeated Pain he is a lot cooler than Sasuke." Sakura replied with a slightly snobby tone. "So she really is a cold-hearted bitch after all." Hinata thought to herself. When Sakura left the store Hinata got out her phone and dialed a number. After just one ring a man answered, "Yes Hinata-sama?" "I want Sakura Haruno brought to my families residence tonight." Hinata said coldly. "Of course, we will retrieve Sakura Haruno immediately Hinata-sama." "Good... that it all." was all Hinata said before hanging up with an evil grin on her face.

Sakura was on her way back to her house when out of nowhere a man snuck up behind her and put a rag to her mouth. Sakura tried to struggle but soon her vision faded and she dropped unconscious. The man then with the help of one of his accomplices carried her into a black car and the driver peeled out.

Several hours later Sakura woke up and realized her hands and feet were tied and she was on a tray. She also had an apple in her mouth as if she were a stuffed pig. "Is she awake?" Hinata inquired. "Yes Hinata-sama" was the prompt response from the man who had abducted Sakura earlier. "Good I want her to be awake for this..." she said with the same evil grin from earlier. "Bring out the main course!" Hinata yelled with a ferocity not normally seen in her. "Right away Hinata-Sama!" said the man before heading to the kitchen. Moments later he returned with a few other servants carrying a silver platter with a elegant silver cover. They placed the platter on the table in front of Hinata and removed the cover. Sakura saw Hinata and felt relieved at first, but then her facial expression turned to horror as she saw Hinata make an evil smirk. "Remove the apple Neji." "Of course, Hinata-sama." Neji calmly replied. It was then that Sakura recognized that Neji was wearing the same black suit and gloves that the man who abducted her earlier wore. Neji promptly removed the apple and almost immediately Sakura was screaming for help. "HELP! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! OH MY GOD HELP ME!" she was cut off when Hinata bitch-slapped her. "Shut up slut nobody can hear you. We are currently in a secret room hidden within the Hyuga estate. Calming down a little Sakura began to speak again. "H-hinata-chan.... W-what are you going to do to me..? Hinata turned to Neji and Neji along with the servents quietly left the room. "W-wh-why are they leaving...? Sakura whimpered, now starting to cry. "Because I like to eat my meals in private." Hinata coldly replied. "W-what! You are going to eat me!? But we are frie-" Before she could finish her sentence Hinata screamed "You are not my friend, slut! You used to say that you loved Sasuke, but now that Naruto is cool you finally choose to like him!? I have loved Naruto ever since I met him, despite that he liked you more. Did you care? NO!!! You treated him like crap! The only reason you want to date Naruto now is because he became popular for defeating pain and I won't let a cold-hearted bitch like you do that to Naruto!" Hinata had to stop to breath after such a heated rant. "Pl-please just let me go. I promise I won't date Naruto, and I will even leave the village." Sakura pleaded. "It's too late for that, and besides you look really tasty." As she said this she licked her lips.

Hinata grabbed Sakura's shoulders and shoved the pink-haired ninja's head into her gaping mouth. She began licking all over Sakura's head like a jawbreaker and moaned with pleasure as she experienced the whole palette of flavor that was Sakura. Even her hair was delicious, it tasted like cherry. She may be a bitch but she  had great taste in shampoo Hinata thought to herself. Not wanting to spend too much time on one area she swallowed further to Sakura's chest. Sakura squirmed but all that did was make her slip further down Hinata's throat. Hinata swallowed Sakura's chest and began to savor the sweet taste of her perfect breasts. Hinata moaned as she experienced the most pleasurable taste she had ever tasted. She lathered Sakura's chest with her tongue for a few minutes before deciding to move on. Hinata grabbed Sakura's plump ass and greedily shoved the curvaceous pink-haired kunoichi further into her mouth. "She tastes sugary and sweet for such a rotten bitch." Hinata thought. Hinata worked her tongue around Sakura's stomach making sure not to miss a single inch, even working her tongue in and around her navel. Hinata would have screamed in ecstasy if it weren't for Sakura stuffing her mouth. After a few minutes Hinata could not wait any longer. She was ready for dessert. She squeezed Sakura's juicy booty and shoved it into her mouth. Sakura's ass was so delicious that Hinata almost collapsed from all the pleasure. She started to lick and chew Sakura's ass moaning with every lick. She had noticed that Sakura had stopped struggling so she could take her time with this part of her meal. She licked and chewed every inch of Sakura's plump booty for over an hour before finally slurping down to her knees. Knowing that the rest of Sakura could not live up to her delicious ass she quickly slurped the rest of Sakura down to her feet. Then she wrapped her tongue around Sakura's ankles and sucked the rest of Sakura down her throat into her awaiting stomach. "You were delicious Sakura-san." Hinata said in a sadistic voice. As she heard her stomach groan she knew her stomach was beginning to digest Sakura. "Now you know why I wanted you awake for this Sakura-san." Sakura struggled for a little while but eventually the sound of screaming and struggle were replaced by the sound of Hinata's stomach gurgling and sloshing.

The next day at Naruto's Halloween party Hinata showed up in a traditional Japanese dress worn by Mother's who are pregnant with a child. Naruto came up to her at the party and commented that Hinata looked good with a few extra pounds on her, even if the stomach was just part of the "costume". Hinata blushed and asked Naruto to excuse her for a moment. She went outside and dialed a number. "Yes, Hinata-sama?" Neji answered. "I want you to bring me Ino." As she said this she formed a sinister smile.

To be continued....?
I kind of wanted to add a Halloween theme to this one and since Hinata is part of a big time family I figured it would not be too much of an assumption that she could have people kidnapped. Kind of like a Mob family thing. This was a request, so I hope you like this. As always feel free to critique. Thanks!
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mewt66 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010  Professional Artist
wow wow wow cool A+++++++++++++++++++
naruhina123cute Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010
The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009  Student Writer
Evil vorey cannibalistic Hinata is scary!, no wrong word for that. Um...delicious story!
chadm123123 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2009
so... so...
i like it'
RainGod4 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
Thanks everyone. I know it has been a bit since I wrote this, but tomorrow I will begin writing some more because we get school off at Kent State for Veterans day. I have taken some of you're suggestions for the next part and think it should turn out well. Thanks again for all the comments!
k1kris Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
GREAT STORY! make more!
Jackal-James Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009
Love, love, love, love it!!
This story was pretty cool specially the part of Hinata having evil side. :D
RainGod4 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009
You are more than welcome to draw it.
IkazayimAkodon Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
Hahaha I did not mean myself. My drawing style could never do this beautiful work any justice.
RainGod4 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2009
nonsense you're stuff is great! I'd love for you to bring my stories to life in a different form, maybe a vore comic or sumthen.
IkazayimAkodon Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2009
I could try TTwTT...but i promise nothing.
IkazayimAkodon Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009
OoooOOooooOOO!!! I LOVE IT!!! Now...if only there was a way for someone to DRAW it hnhnhn!!!
RainGod4 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009
I like the idea of doing a different type of vore. I'll begin working on part 2 soon hopefully.
ShadowAce018695 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
I got a question. I'm fairly new to DevientArt and I want to write my own story, but I don't know what I go to to write and submit my story. Can you please help me?
FROSTWOLF884 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
No hinata is voret by toomuc difrent stories let her vin tistime atleast.

Sorry my english is bad.
Dark-Dremora Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009
what would be a twist hinata eats ino but tsunade finds out and vaginal or analy vores her
acle2 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009
Smexybunny758 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009
Evil hinata
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